Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bugs day 2 &3

Day 2 of Bugs went well.

We made bug stained glass (using glitter glue and puffy paint)  This was supposed to peel off the wax paper and stick to a window.  It didn't, but the kids had fun.

 We then listed questions we had about bugs and went to the library for research (and to turn in their summer reading logs).  They were much more interested in their prizes for the summer reading program then the information they learned about bugs.

We came home to Bug sandwiches - thank heavens for lady bug and butterfly cookie cutters!

Quiet time was at the neighbor's house.  They had fun using the magnifying glasses to locate bugs and the parts of a bee.  I lost energy and finished the day bug free and at a church activity.

Day 3 of Bugs:
  We were supposed to watch Bugs Life, through the summer movie program at the local movie theater.  However, there were too many people and there were no seats where we could sit together.  The manager comped us 4 tickets for another movie and we got to see Madagascar 3.  Lucky us!  We did have to wait an hour which has thrown off our schedule but it was well worth it.
  This afternoon we will be making our own Insect feeding station.  We hope to have a variety of bugs to look at tomorrow.  And we'll be making our own play-doh bugs (I'm sure bugs will turn into cars, but it's worth a try.)
We'll be having Boo Bugs for dinner ( ).  Possibly with Wormy  cheese dip ( 
We have daddy home with us early today so we'll possibly be playing BedBugs after dinner. I love the DI and the Salvation Army! They have helped me gather my supplies for this week.  My movies, my games, and some of my craft supplies all came from there. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


1st week of summer vacation, and those who know me and mine, know that I have two kids with ADD/ADHD and possibly a third (the psychiatrist thinks Ben should be on medication, and she's only seen him for 30 minutes!).  So, that mean that even though I am not working, I still work.
This week is BUG week.  I hope to post as I go, but it may be once a week.  I've been the typical teacher, who begs borrows and steals my ideas from others and whenever possible I will site my resources.

Today we:

Made bugs (

Went on a bug hunt (hats and bug kids courtesy of the dollar store).  We found more bugs when we got home then at the park.  The kids were disappointed, but feeding the ducks made up for that.

Stopped at another park for lunch (Thank-you Val Verde district for summer food program!), where Ben did find a caterpillar, though wether or not it was a live when he found it...well, I think he enjoyed using his tweezer a little too much.

We They watched ANTZ, while mommy tried to nap.  (although I think now, that this movie is a little too grown up for my kids).

And had a fun dinner- wormy burgers, cucumber caterpillars, and lady bug crackers, with bug juice to drink.

Tomorrow promisses to be a buzy day as well. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I'm a looser when it comes to posting with pictures. Now that my camera is fixed I've lost the USB cord so I can't down load pictures. I'll have to have them all burned to a disk. Ugh. Besides. Ben has pulled cords in and out of the front USB ports, it probably wouldn't work anyway.

School is a disaster for both kids. They are struggling, which makes me struggle as a teacher and as a mom. I want to see my kids succeed. The teacher in me gets frustrated that they don't find education fun and exciting. That they aren't as readily learning as I think they should be. The mom in me just wants them to be happy, and hates to hear the frustrations. But I think I've resolved some of my issues with ticket to read. Those of you who know about it yeah for you. Those who don't check it out.

It is fabulous. I love that it goes from phonics to full out reading text. It reviews what good readers do. It does: think alouds, vocabulary, comprehension instruction, and even fluency reads. It does it in such a way that my kids love it. They are excited to read and earn points. There are some games they play, but it is mostly reading and the kids don't even realize it.