Monday, May 3, 2010

I must be a prude!

I decided that I certainly must be a prude. I recently chaperoned a school dance at my school. I spent the whole three hours telling kids to give each other space, and shining a flashlight at their lower halves. If I had been in charge I probably would have turned off the music and told them the dance was over if that kind of dancing didn't stop. The sad part if it all is that if their parents had been there to see them they probably would have done nothing about it. Dancing close is one thing, grinding is another.


Holly said...

I remember those days. It is disgusting. My favorite was when my 70 year coworker realized what the kids were doing and went from group to group like a nun on a mission.

Amy said...

so is it ok when your 30 in your kitchen... late at night... when kids are in bed??? just asking- not like I have ever done it!