Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Update

So I've decided that if I can update this once every month I'll be doing better than I am right now. So here goes...

We are still living in an apartment and hating it! I hate having to tell my kids to stop running and jumping. They are so active that it almost hurts me to ask them to stop being that way because we live on the third floor. The poor people below us!

We are going to be making an offer on a home really soon. We hope to be in a house by Halloween, so that we can have a house warming party and a halloween party all in one. I just want to feel settled. Miguel also plans on quitting his current job, after we get in our home, which he's working 12 hours a day in San Diego (1hour from our apartment). This way he can find a job in the evenings and watch the kids during the day. We're at a point where we feel we should be the ones raising our kids not someone else.

I don't like the drive to work, but I love teaching. Once I learn the ropes at this new district I'll be happier. Right now I feel like it's day one all over again. I like the people I work with and I like the students. There are some challenging ones, but that's why I went into teaching right?!

Kristyn is slow about making friends and she says she hates her "Old Grandma" teacher. She's actually got a teacher that is challenging her. She is very good at math and is quickly improving her writing and reading skills whether she wants to admit it or not.

Anthony will turn 3 this weekend. He's been a pain recently and I can't help but think it's becuase of my work schedule. I bring him to the sitter at 6:00 in the morning, after I drop Kristyn off at her cousins, which means they get up at 5:15. He doesn't take a nap at the sitter and is so tired and cranky in the afternoon. He just wants to run like crazy and then he crashes at about 6:00. I have to wake him up, and keep him up for another hour and a half. Poor little monster!

Benjamin is cutting his fourth tooth and is not happy about it. He hates being dropped off in the morning, but is so happy to see me in the afternoon. He just wants to lay across me all evening, even when I'm trying to fold the laundry. He crawls right after me where ever I go in the apartment, and he's quick.

Well, that's all for now. We'll see if I'm quick enough to get another blog in before the month is over.


amy said...

so I know I need to post too, but it is good to see you are alive- Happy birthday to Anthony on Saturday- I might be trying to make a 3D firetruck birthday cake- so check out the blog this weekend and well... at least there will be some kind of firetruck cake- who know- it might just be being held up by toothpicks

Juli said...

i cant believe anothy will already be three they grow up so fast, but im glad to hear the finding the house situation is moving in the right direction. i miss you all so much and i love your blog its a cute little site.