Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Successes

We did it!!!!

Anthony is officially potty trained. After a very long, stinky summer, Anthony made official his potty trained status by going poop in the potty all by himself. I was cleaning the kitchen, noticed that Anthony was missing, thought, "oh not again!" but found him sitting on the potty. A very proud moment for a mother.

Second great event of the day: Benjamin crawled on his knees. No more army crawl, but a much faster child! This is certainly a mixed emotion moment for me.

Third great success. I've figured out how to add pictures to my blog. Now I just need to find my cord so that I can download the pictures from my camera rather than having to visit walmart to get my pictures.


Amy said...

yeah!!!- and good luck with school!

amy said...

hey- I would love some updates- and pictures- we miss you!