Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's up!

So, now we've officially moved to Moreno Valley, California. Kristyn is registered for school and will start next Thursday. Miguel is still looking for work, and his search has become pretty intense. He's out looking during the day, while I'm busy filling out applications on line during the day. At night we take a break just to be a family. I have to say, it is really nice to be so close to a park. For the first time in my life I have a tan, but it's not making a gain on my children's skin, they're just getting darker. I have two more weeks of summer freedom before I have to get back to work. Our wait for selling our home is dragging on and on, but we are hoping for an end soon, maybe even tomorrow.
Oddly enough, when we moved out here the cost of living was comparable to Utah. Now, gas prices are down to $4.07/gal, and even groceries are comparable to Utah. Homes are cheaper, but it's much harder to get a home loan. This might have been a really good move for us, however it won't be for long, a couple years at the most. I never realized how much easier it was to make friends in Utah, people are so much more friendly and less suspicious.
Well, that's my quick update. I'll add pictures and more info as things happen. Keep in touch.

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