Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Starts

I'm always amazed at how excited kids start out the school year. Kristyn has been driving me crazy with her excitement of starting school. Everyday she asks when her first day is. I just hope this excitement remains through the week. She starts school tomorrow. I start my first training on Friday and with kids after labor day. My district is totatlly different than Kristyn's, which may cause some trouble around our holiday vacations, but that's life.

Miguel still hasn't found work and he is completely bummed about it. He was so sure that he'd be able to find work quickly, but no luck. We are still workin on finding a home, and getting qualified is getting harder and harder, it doesn't seem to matter how much you have to put down on a home, if your credit isn't great, you're in trouble.

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Kristy said...

I want to zoom in on the pics but can't! :o( Cute kids!