Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Update

So yes, I didn't meet my goal of writing once a month. Since I last wrote a lot has happened.

Anthony got stitches becuase he fell off the toilet and hit is face on the toilet paper holder. Ben got stitches becuase Anthony pushed him and he hit the exercies machine. Kristyn is perfectly fine, except that she has been referred to see a councelor becuase she isn't adjusting to the move from Utah (yes that was 8 months ago!).
Miguel quit his job after we got the keys to our new house. He finished his driving school and has his CDL. Until he finds a job, he's a stay at home dad and finding it is not an easy job. Sometimes people must find out for themselves!
I am happy we are in a house, and enjoying my job more. However, it is still a long drive. I am still trying to make our house feel like a home, but am exhausted all the time. I've found out that I have high cholesterol, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). My doctor is worthless and hasn't given me any suggestions on how to deal with it. She says loose weight. That is a symptom of PCOS, and is very difficult to do when you have it. Then she says get rid of some of my stress. Get rid of my stress! As if I hadn't thought of it!
Anyway, that is our exciting, yet uneventful lives.

Our new address is: 25971 Fuente Court, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

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Amy said...

I am excited to here from you, I have been thinking about you tons the last two days- Glad your in a home, glad miguel is a stay at home dad- it is good for them ... they think it would be so easy.

kids... crazy. but I guess hang in there right. as for you, well, keep the faith, keep going. summer isn't too far around the corner. We are health and good and ready for summer. It is currently snowing!