Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Picture update

Kristyn has really become mommy's little helper. Sometimes a better helper than other times.

I'm feeling much better about my looks recently. I feel like I actually look skinny. Another few pounds to make that so, but as long as I feel good, what does it matter.

It was murder getting Anthony to take this picture. Terrible two's were nothing to what I have now!

Benjamin is my doll. He's so sweet and loves to give slobbery kisses. Who needs a dog when you have a baby!?


amy said...

Wow- you do look great- before I read the comment you wrote I saw the picture and said, wow she looks great- so nice!!!

your hair is getting long- and Kristyns too... that is a good thing! no more scissors- keep up the pounds- I have your denise austin dvd- I feel terrible I forgot to give it back- do you want me to mail it to you- it is a great workout!

aprile78 said...

Hey Mary,

I have a lot of info on PCOS if you're interested.