Saturday, November 1, 2008

Give Thanks

We've yet again lost a house to someone who offered more than we were willing to pay. I'm frustrated beyond belief and overly exhausted all the time. Last week I broke down on an answering machine to my mother. I now sit wondering at all the stress and think about what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for the smiles I get to see each day, from my own children as well as my students. I'm grateful for the hugs and kisses I get every night from my children, even though it takes forever to get them to bed. I'm grateful for laughter. Giggles, at the right time, can make even the most frustrated person smile. I'm grateful for a husband who recognizes my stress and does little things to help. It's amazing what a coke can do! I'm grateful to have a job that will support us in this time of economic turmoil. I'm grateful to have family that accepts me as I am and doesn't ask more of me than I'm willing to give. This month my children and I are writing in a thankful journal each night. My children today were thankful for:
Trick or treating-"Now I have enough candy to last me a week!" (Kristyn)
A swimming pool - "I won't die now" (Anthony-believes that now he has a pool he can learn how not to drown)
For their cousins-"no offense mom, but you and dad are kind of boring" (kristyn!)
I love my little muffins! They make me laugh. (mom) "What muffins, I want muffins!" (Anthony)


Amy said...

we miss you, It seems I have made some friends since you aren't around now- I actually hang out with other people in the ward- crazy huh!

you know blessings come when you pay your tithing- you told me that- you will find the perfect house!

Amy said...

and yes- what kind of muffins- I want some too!

Mary said...

I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to me.