Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Holy Ghost conversation

Today as I was cleaning the kitchen I overheard a conversation between Kristyn and Anthony. It went something like this:

Kristyn: When you hear a little voice in your head to not do something don't do it.
Anthony: Why not?
Kristyn: That is the Holy Ghost telling you it's bad.
Anthony: I have a ghost following me around!?
Kristyn: Not really, it's a feeling or a little voice that is with you and let's you know if you are doing something that's not safe, or bad.
Anthony: Oh.
Kristyn: So, if you hear a voice saying "don't throw that," or "don't cross the street," or "GO HOME," do it, becuase that is the Holy Ghost trying to keep you safe and help you be a good boy.
Anthony: Okay, just as long as a ghost isn't following me.
Kristyn (very exasperated): You're hopeless!

It's not too often that I hear them discuss church related topics. I was kind of amazed at how well Kristyn explained things to Anthony. She has a great sunday school teacher.

I have good kids! Unfortunately the neighborhood is not so full of good kids, and my children have been harmed several times by a couple of them (brothers). I just keep trying to teach them the kind way of handling things and hopefully they will follow my lead.


Heidi and Robert said...

It's great to record these special conversations.

Mary said...

Definately a picture perfect moment.