Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simply Fun: Family First!

So, I went to this game night last night. We sat around and played a whole bunch of games I'd never heard of but thought the whole time, "Wow, these would be great for my kids, or for school, or even for just hanging out with my friends." Found out that these games were all part of a company called Simply Fun. A company created with family in mind. I'm not a sales person, as many of you know from my failed attempts at catalogue parties, probably becuase I really didn't care too much about what I was trying to sell. I'm still not a sales person, but I'm trying once again, becuase this is something that I feel strongly about. If I were still living in Utah I would have become a consultant yesterday night! I was surprised to know that very few people in Utah know about the company.
Anyway, I've attatched a link that I think everyone should check out. Watch to see how the games are played. My favorite game was Eye to Eye: goal- to be like everyone else. It was great to play with adults, and to see them explain themselves and why they thought that way. My favorite thing of all: the Rings: conversation, family history, and Bordom Busters. Look, enjoy and feel free to call (Amy has my numbers) and let me know what you think.

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