Thursday, August 27, 2009

This week and my little monsters!

Kristyn isn't too sure about this teacher, but she isn't hating her. Always a good sign. She has had her breakdowns, and we are handling them the best we know how, with hugs and love. She misses her "Utah family." I dont' blame her, I miss them all too. She hates being the only girl, and the oldest child. She told me the other day, "I hate being the oldest! I hate being an example! Why can't everyone stop watching me!" The only time she gets peace from her brothers is when she's in her room and they are outside playing with daddy--then she's jealous and wants to play. Oh, the stresses of being a 7 year old girl!
The boys are doing well. I think they really like being with daddy all day. Anthony is obsessed with the boys across the street and their two dogs. Ben has taken to tantrums, though Love and Logic is great about giving the choice of where he wants to throw those tantrums. They usually don't last long.
It's been so hot around here that the kids decided to help water the lawn. How nice you say? Well, 10 minutes later, when dishes were washed. I had to wash my 3 monsters who watered the grassless part of our lawn. I thought my kids were brown enough--but they didn't. I wish now my camera had been working. I'm glad Miguel wasn't there, he'd have been mad and ruined the moment. I laughed, let them play for another 15 minutes before I hosed them off, stripped them down, and bathed them all. It was a great end to the day. I'm really glad I have tile in most of my house.
Kids are great! I've started back at work and I love them that much more! Amazing how absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I love hearing, "Mommy!" as soon as I open the front door. I love that I can sit down and relax with three kids in my lap telling me all about their day, and how thoughtful they can be when they ask about mine. It's really the little things that matter in my life, and these three little "things" make me so much happier than I could ever imagine.

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Amy said...

We do all love pictures, especially of that grass in the backyard. I am glad your back to school. A get away from kids is nice but also your good at it and it occupies your mind. That is good. So no job for MIguel yet??