Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anthony's Birthday

He's 4!!!! But not any less whiny. He seems to have actually gotten worse. Anyone have any ideas about how to deal with this??? I don't do well with whiners.

Transformers are still his favorite

Transformers may be his favorite movie, but we still can't get him away from anything Cars related.

I'm not sure what's up with the push the face in the cake thing that Miguel's family does, but I wish they'd listen because my kids don't like it.

It's amazing how little kids can be as blunt as possible, or extremely rude without really intending to be so, and as a parent you have no choice but to apologize later for their behaviors. Anthony was thrilled with all of his birthday presents except for one. When he opened the present is said, "oh, this." and quickly put it aside to open another present. It was an exact copy of what his cousin has so he knows exactly what it does, and now he is thrilled when he gets to play with it, but at that moment...well, you can imagine.
Overall, it was a fun but exhausting day. I spent the entire day at the park, even though the party didn't start until 3:00. We had to make sure we had a pavilion at the park and only one was not reserved. First come, first serve. I was first! It feels good to come in first in something:)

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