Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weightloss update

Down another 5 pounds, but frustrated. I'm up to 6-10 miles a day of movement (says my pedometer). I bike 4 miles a day. I've cut all carbs, except for once a week (when I don't overly endulge). Why am I not loosing faster!!!! I see a preventative medicine specialist next week. I've had so many blood tests a vampire wouldn't even want me as a meal. I do have much more energy though. The kids love the walks, especially since they almost always end at the park. They don't like that it gets dark too early.

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Jill and Kevin said...

Hang in there, all of a sudden it'll drop! That's awesome that you're doing so well and exercising throughout the day. It'll be easier for me to do so once the weather cools off just a bit. 90 degree weather is not so much fun to do anything, but swim in! You're kids are adorable!