Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ben wouldn't keep the hood on, but doesn't he just make the cutest Lion ever!
Kristyn has truly been personifying her costume in every facet of her life right now. She made a wise choice in her costume.

What, you may ask, is he supposed to be??? Well it was Bumble Bee the transformer, but he kept washing off is face make-up, so he looked more like daddy than a transformer. Oh, well.

The kids had a great time trunk-or-treating. Last year we extended it and continued bringing the kids around the neighborhood by our apartments. This year the kids were too tired to do anything in a kind way and so we went home and put kids to bed. Let me tell you, excitement from Halloween and Day Light Savings, don't mix well. Church was not fun the next day.


Amy said...

My plan is to have the kids go door to door next year. This year, they didn't care so why should I. Right. They were in bed by 7:30 and I watched the Proposal with Darren. Super fun movie, and we had yummy candy to snack on. How is the weight loss going... did you end up going to the doctor

Mary said...

I have doctor's appointments over the next couple months. I have a nodule on my thyroid, and a lump in my breast. Both are to be biopsied within the next four weeks. Very stressful.