Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Light Among You

Our road show is over. After only 3 weeks of rehearsals two-three times a week, the Lasselle Ward pulled off an amazing road show. We went a little over our time limit, which docked us points, but we still came in Second, and we recieved the Best Music award. Our director was awesome, having three kids and being pregnant she did some absolutley amazing things to make this event happen. I wouldn't have been able to take part if she hadn't found babysitters to watch all of the children (at times there were more than 9 children!). The music was awesome. Our lead character, Thomas Edison, was played by an amazing actor and dancer, Dustin Ciethamer (I'm sure his last name is spelled wrong--Sorry Dustin!)
We were extremely lucky to have so many of the young men to participate.

Our amazing young women definately followed through.

Our Relief Society President, really got into her role as the candle lady.

My friend Tamara stepped up to fill in where needed.


Amy said...

This post makes me smile and very happy because you getting involved in the ward is the best thing for you. Friends and God, two things you and I both need! Thanks for making my heart happy today

Jill and Kevin said...

How fun! Our stake doesn't do roadshows. The youth might do something, but it's super simple and just for the youth. I miss those times, although I'm grateful to not have to rehearse and stuff.